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Flit Sprayer.

These fantastic sprayers are just what you need for all your spraying tasks around the garden. They fit any 2 litre soft drink bottle (not supplied) and are of robust brass construction. The Flit Sprayer is particularly useful when growing your plants, making the application of routine pesticide treatments easy. Simply mix your chosen product in the soft drink bottle, attach the Flit Sprayer, and spray! The jet from the Flit Sprayer is powerful enough to spray all around the inside of a 6’ x 8’ greenhouse without having to enter. 

You can use a different bottle for each chemical that you use, thus reducing the danger of contamination. However, you should still ensure that you rinse the Flit Sprayer between products, and it is advisable to use a separate sprayer for the application of herbicides. Other uses include chemical spot treatments, as you need only mix up a small quantity, and misting cuttings with water whilst they are rooting. Please do not store mixed chemicals in the drinks bottle. Always store chemicals safely and keep them out of the reach of children.

Each sprayer includes one tube and a spare set of o rings, extra tubes ...


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